New edition

 Jake Got a Dog...



Tweek is not happy about it 


(she may or may not have got this attitude from her mom.. who is still mourning Gus Gus).

 Sophie just chillin in her chair
 I wish i could sit like this!

 Sophie and Daddy playing with Lilo... ya I named her... but i'm still not Thrilled.

 Cute Jammies from auntie Marcy! 
 Sophie likes to clean up
 And blow her nose

Trippin in Rocktober

 Yes... We Went to Vernal...


Gonna be honest... not my #1 choice for a get away... 
but it worked

I don't remember the Vernal temple from pictures... 
and this is prob. why...


We also went to the Dinosaur museum... it was a speed trip... 
think 20-30 min. tops
 Our 2 min. tram ride...
 But we did get to see some Ancient Animal Skeletons... 
which was awesome

I love how this old newspaper read... 
not Fossils... 
Ancient Animals' Skeletons... 
it's sounds so much more mysterious! 



 Man.. it's so bright in here... I need my shades...
 pretty big one... I wonder if Dinosaurs get to be resurrected... 
hmm..   ?  ?  ?   anyone... anyone...

 Hmm... that's what I thought.


 here is a pic of the outside... the newly re done structure. 

 And a picture looking out from the new building

 My favorite part of the excursion was the pictures the kids posted of dinosaurs... 
I love love love them.
 especially the talking dinosaurs... totally made my day!

This claw reminds me of Fairview, Utah... 
My brother found a T rex tooth while we were fishing 
in the Fairview lakes (think 1989) they were draining 
the ponds for some reason and we were just wasting time
while my dad was fishing... he found a big big "claw" 
Turns out ... it was a T rex tooth... 
BYU swiftly confiscated it and put it in their museum. 
if you wanna see it... it's by the LaVell Edwards stadium. 

OK here's my question... Why are all Dinosaurs depicted
with their mouths open all the time ?
 Seriously... yo
u'd think they would have all gone extinct 
because they got sore throats and couldn't eat anymore. 
Am I the only person to have thought of this... 
screw the asteroid/meteor theory... they died of sore throats!
 Again, mouths open...
 ok - well this guy is actually eating so it's ok

 I wanted these books... but we didnt have time - maybe I can find them on Ebay.

I was a little bummed that we couldn't go see the petroglyphs
 but it made me feel better to take pictures of fake ones. 
you do what you gotta do .


Fall in Ftn. Green

Just a picture journal of our trip...  It's good to get away.

These were in Goshen... on our way to FG

I really like this picture

we went up log canyon and across the top of the mtns... over to maple canyon
It was such a great weekend for being outside

this was on of my fav. rides of all time
can you see Nephi in the distance below ?

Jake taking a break from driving.

Ya... it's like a Bob Ross Painting.. don't hate.

I like seeing the veins of the leaves

There's a little Pond we stop at up at the top. So nice.

Me shooting the MP5... video in another post. 


 Gotta love the yellow!

 I'm diggin the Coral color in the middle of the picture below.

 I really like the one below! 

 These were as we came back down Log Canyon... so pretty!